Posted by: Vikas Sahni | January 20, 2014

My prize for winning the Global Windows Azure MSDN Activation Campaign – Scott Guthrie visited Dublin on 2nd December 2013

For those who are interested in following up on Scott’s talk – this is the link to the sample code and an eBook based on the talk:

The talk may become an academic book sooner rather than later, generalising the 13 patterns to a meta-model.  Hopefully Scott will announce a co-author to complete the work and maintain it as a living summary of how to design and develop IT applications and systems.

The facilities staff asked who was this star…the last time the hall was this full was when the Irish football player Paul McGrath visited!

Scott spoke for nearly three hours without a break.  He had promised that he would attempt to melt our brains by the end of the evening, and boy…was he successful!

Here are some of the photos that I took that evening:



WP_20131202_20_40_43_Pro WP_20131202_19_46_36_Pro

WP_20131202_19_10_10_Pro WP_20131202_19_09_31_Pro

WP_20131202_18_52_45_Pro WP_20131202_18_42_08_Pro

WP_20131202_18_38_05_Pro WP_20131202_18_37_57_Pro

WP_20131202_18_37_43_Pro WP_20131202_18_37_23_Pro

WP_20131202_18_36_57_Pro WP_20131202_18_36_39_Pro





  1. I think you’ll find Paul McGrath visited played Soccer, his knees weren’t up to playing Rugby for Ireland, although I am sure he would have given it a try 🙂

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